Discover the secrets to raising healthy betta fry

Welcome to  If you’re anything I was, you likely tried spawning bettas, finally had your first successful spawn only to realize you have no clue how to properly raise the betta fry to a healthy adult size.  I had the same problem over and over for months before I finally got the hang of things.

Breeding bettas can be a frustrating task at first.  The fish are often either not ready, or refuse to spawn.  Sometimes, the male and female bettas choose to become friends rather than deciding to mate.  But, eventually, after proper conditioning and enough attempts, they succeed in producing a bubblenest full of betta eggs.

This brings up another task that has a bit of a learning curve – raising healthy baby bettas.  Betta fry growth depends on two mainf actors: clean water and varied diet including live foods.

As the fry mature into juvenile betta fish, they can eventually be converted from betta fry food over to flake of pellet diet which will become their basic adult foods for life.

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