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The Best Books About Bettas

  If you wanted to get started learning about bettas with a book, you’ve definitely come to the right place.  These are the six best selling betta books on Amazon.  Each one is a little different but any of them … Continue reading

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Are microworms good food for your betta fry?

Many people are able to get their betta fish to spawn despite not doing things ‘by the book’. These spawns are most often quite small because the fish aren’t properly conditioned. I have heard from a bunch of people who … Continue reading

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Raise healthy betta fry – my story!

Raising healthy betta fry was hard until I taught myself exactly what not to do. After scouring the internet for information, I learned the exact steps to properly care for baby betta fish! Now you can too! Continue reading

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What You Need To Know If You Keep Your Siamese Fighting Fish In A Betta Bowl

Many people get their first betta fish spontaneously when they don’t really know how to properly care for it. Fortunately, there are very few things to know that are vital to the health of your fish. If you are going … Continue reading

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Betta Fry Video

Betta fry will grow quite quickly when given the proper living conditions. Continue reading

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Two tips to keep your baby bettas healthy

Caring for baby bettas is an exciting opportunity to discover the life cycle of betta splendens. Always remember to these two tips and your baby betta fish will grow up to be healthy adults! Continue reading

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Discover the secrets to raising healthy betta fry

Discover basic and advanced techniques on raising baby betta fish (betta fry) to be healthy adult siamese fighting fish! Continue reading

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