About BettaFry.com

BettaFry.com was built so people could finally learn, quickly and easily, how to raise betta fry.  I initially got started breeding guppies but had an unfortunate accident where most of my breeding stock got wiped out.  Not wanting to start all over again with new guppy strains, I decided to try keeping another type of fish for a change.

I bought a few pet store bettas and was instantly hooked.  Not long after that, I decided to try my hand at breeding bettas and raising betta fry.  Just like everyone else who breeds siamese fighting fish, I had little luck at first but after reading as much information as I could (and finally finding the right resources) and 5 or 6 more attempts, I was finally able to raise baby bettas all the way to adults.

After purchasing some quality bettas for a breeding program, and getting the hang of water changes and all the different food options, I figured I should share my success and help others find the right information about breeding bettas and raising baby siamese fighting fish successfully.  And so, BettaFry.com was born!

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